Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Fellow Kenyan,

As the subject suggests,we as a Country are about to make history.We have come through a long process and today could be our homestretch.

Which ever side we choose to view the Katiba, let us all look at the greater picture-Kenya.

Let us shun from any act that will stain the nation fabric that we have tried to clean up since 2007/2008 till today.

I salute all those who have cast their votes,those in lines awaiting voting and those preparing to go vote.

Most of all,I salute all those who will choose Peace over aggresion,suspicion and animosity;not just today but in the days to come.

Let me pen off from a writing I saw along Kibera's Wall :



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  1. You could not have put it any better. Thank God, we as Kenyans heeded to your message and peace prevailed. Good work.


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