About us

This is an initiative of ten like-minded individuals from the University of Nairobi with an intention to sensitize Kenyans on the consequences of negative ethnicity and importance of unity and peace. We are striving to get to a point where one shall not be judged by their ethnic background but by who they are and what they stand for.

We are a non-profit making, non-ethnic, non-political organization composed of like minded individuals who share a responsibility to promote peace, cohesion and constructive cooperation among individuals of different cultures in the Kenyan fabric. 

To establish a society that is held strong by peaceful coexistence and that uses diversity as a tool for development.

To promote peaceful coexistence, cohesion and cooperation among the different cultures and communities that exists in Kenya.

My Kenyan Thoughts


Unity in Diversity
Team spirit
Courtesy, Honor and Respect


1.      To promote peaceful coexistence among the different cultures that forms the Kenyan fabric.
2.      To inform, sensitize and discuss issues of tribalism and negative ethnicity and its effects.
3.      To enhance unity in diversity among people of different cultures in the Kenyan society.
4.      To promote Cohesion, cooperation and partnership among Kenyan citizens.
5.      To enhance capacity building through training and conferences to help disseminate information on peace and cohesion.  

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