Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Where to Start...

Amalgamation of materials is the process by which metals are exposed to extremely high heat until they melt into a new compound. With people, this metaphor of a melting pot has long been applied to cultural integration. The melting pot theory, also referred to as cultural assimilation, revolves around the analogy that:
"The ingredients in the pot (people of different cultures and religions) are combined so as to lose their discrete identities and yield a final product of uniform consistency and flavor, which is quite different from the original input ("Melting Pot")”.
By comparing ethnic/cultural groups to ingredients in a recipe, we start with the assumption that each ingredient is important and the final product would not be the same if some distinct ingredient were missing.
In brief, the function of assimilation is the:
Establishment of homogeneity within the group;
What we need is an entirely new dialogue on the subject, one that allows for unity in diversity, not just in the private realm, but also in the public sphere.
Writers before me have written, spoken and even got detained for her, Kenya. I feel we have done enough of the theory work and what is needed now is the Practical Part of it. You know the need to walk the talk.
Well, well I am guessing you are reading faster hoping to find what I suggest we do…fellow Kenyan…I have no idea whatsoever on how to begin this…NONE…
Mark that, I did not say I do not know what to DO…but rather where to START!!
Each Kenyan out there feels and knows that something has to be done. Something about this indifference we have in our country. From the suspicion among the 42+ tribes, maize theft, Cemetery land scandals to the battle between the Nouveaux riches verses the Nouveaux pauvres; what Karl Marx would sum to the haves and the have-nots.
Before I start listing and “preaching” about what I think I as a shareholder of this Nation ought to do, I’ll take the back seat…listen to the practical options we as a nation should take…take notes on what you think should be put in place…the Dos and once this is answered get to the other question:
Where to START!!
True Kenyan dreamers should not settle for anything less.

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