Thursday, February 25, 2010


I personally think its surreal how we Kenyans are so bullied by authority,we turn against each other(post election violence,Mathira massacre)..we've even learnd to measure with exactitude what we can expect from a parliament whose paramount aim is to enrich themselves at our expense.
In Kenya,until we are left completely naked,we will defend the status quo of the 210+ people who've taken ownership of ths country;who will still come to our homes and take the very last cent as taxes to fund themselves in campaigns.But these days they hardly do ths work-a whole population of people-mostly th youths will defend them,make a velvet carpeting for them and ululate their throats dry for a loaf of bread.
In 2002,Kenyans vowed to make the state better,via our massive vote...instead we sold our country to a bunch of people who do not knw th price of milk(abt to hit 50) or care..but can sufficiently plant flowers on roundabouts and build one school with CDF.
The real money,our money,in now legislated ways,into the pockets of Mps..leaving us bone dry.
Altho we see Uhuru,Raila,Kalonzo and Kibaki as different people thyre infact cut from the same original cloth...who feel they have a royal right to rule..they battle thngs out wen we r watchn..but within themselves they have no problem..
So every 5years we troop off in a chilly morning to vote for one of then to inherit our assets.
My aim here is not to alienate but simply provoke conversation..we need to speak up against ths game of being shortchanged by our leaders..we/I feel obligd to work towards th end of ths era..and th way to do ths is to question our own hearts..such that in 2012 when u will b in that long line..ask yourself if its your voice speakin or someones cash that is..

YOUR VOTE=YOUR VOICE...let not th cash turn into a knife an cut off your lips.
Think about it.


  1. Yeah. It's time that we really vote with our a conscious mind. These leaders av taken us for a ride for so long. We av to get our act together and make the best decision ever in this country, by voting progressive, young, wise and talented leaders who av the best interest of this country at heart. Let's put it upon ourselves to educate the masses on right choices during the elections. It's our right to vote, and whomever we chose!

    1. True YEARN...So true, considering that we are warming up for yet another general election soon.


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