Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yesterdays bribe in the pocket or probably at Mama Pimas joint...the vote is cast..purple mark on your finger and that's it...but the tallying took 3days..the country was itching and scratching with discomfort..a twist in numbers and VOILA!!

True to the saying,the ruins of a nation begins in the homes of its people,neighbors turned against each other,violence erupted,shops(mark you owned by fellow citizens)were looted.Houses were robbed of both property and dignity-every corner of the once epitome of Africa was up in flames-KENYA WAS BURNING.

Friends went against the grail,hacking,maiming,destruction,anger,animosity,suspicion,stalemate,deadlock..these were the exact words to describe KENYA then;and now..orphans,widow(er)s,IDPs,grudge,mass graves,scars,destroyed infrastructure,a burnt church and a union of two parallel governments.
On Sunday,24th May 2009,I happened to visit the KENYA BURNING was a picture event..n true a picture speaks a thousand words..The campaigns were full of galore and drama,the voting-expectations,the tallying-new and better beginnings..the Results-DEATHS.

Friends turned fiend..and anyone who didn't support you was blacklisted..while those whose images split the country into fractions watched the unfolding drama at a relatively safe haven.
Considering what has been documented and that which you witnessed or even experienced in those fateful worried that little or nothing has been done to avert a possible repeat..a case of a recurring past and an uncertain future..

The darker the problem,the brighter the solution.

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