Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Four years on: The Launch

Four years ago, I begun to question on issues of tribalism and negative ethnicity. I did not know much then but I felt compelled to write about it. Writing was my voice. I penned down a note on Thursday 23rd April 2008. This unknown to me would be the beginning of I AM NOT MY TRIBE INITIATIVE :

Oh,so you are Kilonzo...Mkamba...?an innocent question right?WRONG.
What does my tribe have to do with my potentials?Failures?These stereotypes grate me to the marrow...unaskia there has been a heist and the immediate question is..hao kama si wakikuyu...ama a bar brawl,watu wamepigana unaconclude hawa wajaluo wanapenda vita...piracy-wasomali...frausters-wahindi n all other tribal comparisons...many at times its an individual who has messed bt th whole clan is smerged with the iniquity.
I dont knw abt u bt ths has got to STOP.
How?let us th youths create awareness to our peers,parents n community that no tribe is superior or inferior to th other.
We are Kenyans and ths is what is very important...intermarry btwn tribes,make friends with other clans..our diversity is supposed 2 unite us..We are ONE out of MANY.
Unless we put aside our tribal differences,we will always experience the hate speeches lined with sarcasm,suspicion and disunity which I for sure knw is a timebomb we are sitting on...infact a field of land mines..a step is as risky as th next...Reflect on Rwandas genocide.
In anycase wen it rains..does it recognize anyone by its tribe or affiliation?it drenches all equally.

Question : Wewe ni mkabila gani??

Answer : Mimi ni MKENYA

Today, 22nd of January 2013, I am glad to say that I have found ten other like minded students from the University of Nairobi who have dedicated their time, their energies and resources to address this issue of tribalism which sadly is thriving in this campaign period. This calls for concerted efforts and new strategies in addressing this concern. This is our first step, to the transformation of Kenya. Ambitious? Not quite. We are bringing change to our communities, one person at a time.

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  1. Mimi ni Mkenya- I always do it 'ON AIR', I hop u get what I mean. We youth must stop tribalism. I like this article. Lets do it again and again.


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