Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vote for Me: I AM NOT MY TRIBE Blog gets nominated in the BAKE Awards 2012

The Nominees for the BAKE Awards 2012 are out!!

The awards are meant to encourage those blogging to be more active and pay more attention to their content. The Awards also seek to recruit more bloggers especially in topics which, though important, have not been ventured into. Topics like Health, Real Estate, Environment, Childcare, Education just to name a few have not drawn those in the respective fields into the blogging world to inform and educate the rest on the same.

 To vote for me, click here 

Once on the page, scroll down to the Best Politics Category and vote for iamnotmytribe.blogspot.com

The BAKE Awards Gala is set for May 5th.

Find the full list of nominees in the 14 Categories here.

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